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Nothing is Stronger

Our truss tradeshow displays are trade show exhibits that use a steel (or aluminum) framework (the truss) to form a shell which is then used to hold your graphics, shelving, display cases, pegboard, LCD Monitors, and other booth accessories for your trade show booth.

Rugged and Durable

Truss is unique in both appearance and function. A truss booth has a more rugged and industrial look which may fit well with your target market. It also is uniquely functional in its weight bearing capabilities and can even be used for a double-decker (2 story) trade show display.


Truss trade show displays are infinitely flexible in their configuration since a display is pieced together from a series of standard “off the shelf” components. This lego like architecture makes them extremely flexible in that you can buy a 10 foot truss display and then buy additional truss components if your needs grow to a 10×20 booth, or if you attend multiple shows per year with different size and layout requirements at each show.

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