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No tools needed

Panel systems are designed to set up without the need for tools. Nothing worse that getting to the show, only to find out that last person didn't pack the wrench. With our panel systems, no need to worry as no tools are needed for setup.


Transporting your booth can get expensive very quickly. All of our panel systems are lightweight and designed to pack efficiently, saving you money over the long run.


Heavy duty aluminum frame, with solid honeycomb filler make our panels systems almost indestructible. Yet at the same time they are lightweight and easy to set up.

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Folding panel trade show display kit IS-906 Panelglide Kit - FP-IS-906
Purchase Price: $7,990.00
Folding panel trade show display kit IS-905 Panelglide Kit - FP-IS-905
Purchase Price: $5,990.00

Reconfigure your booth

In addition, the our panel system offers the flexability to create endless configurations simply by rearranging panels and components. Endurance systems offer the flexability to adapt to various shows. Smaller displays can be created from a larger display and visa-versa.

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